Certificate in Personalised Sports Nutrition

Learn how peak performance cannot be achieved without feeding the body for optimum health and addressing potential underlying physiological imbalances first.  

Starting dates


January 2020

About the course

This 10 week certificate course, written to UK level 4, offers a practical and theoretical knowledge of the principles of personalised sports nutrition and how this approach best serves an individual interested in improving athletic performance.

The focus of the course is using nutrition analysis, diet and lifestyle changes alongside specially tailored supplements to maximise physical performance whilst ensuring that an individual has all the macro, micro and phytonutrients they require for optimum health and to prevent damage to the different systems of the body that can inadvertently be caused by exercise itself. This course is ideal for professionals who wish to add another dimension to the physical fitness training advice they are currently giving or for those with a personal interest in getting the most out of their sports and fitness regime.

All knowledge gained is applied to real cases along with the common barriers to fitness and peak performance. Students are given practical knowledge on nutrition, lifestyle and supplements in order to advise clients in formulating healthy eating programmes with a focus on maximising physical performance and optimising health. This course is designed for those with existing nutrition knowledge and is ideally suited to those with a nutrition qualification at UK level 3 or 4. It is designed to allow those already giving nutrition advise to the general public to be able to give more tailored advice to amateur sports enthusiasts or those with very energetic lifestyles. It is not designed for those wishing to work with professional athletes.

“Thoroughly enjoyed learning about sports nutrition and I really enjoyed the webinars. Thank you.”
“This course is packed with current and supportive information.”
“Very good course, excellently organised and very clear”
“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it very interesting.”
“I love the lecturer and her delivery and explanations but more than that I really love the professional, responsible and objective approach your school brings to the subject of sports nutrition.”

Why choose the Certificate in Personalised Sports Nutrition?

  • Course material constantly updated. The IHS academic team regularly attend Functional Medicine conferences in both Europe and the US, ensuring our lecturers teach the very latest research and theories
  • Comprehensive and well structured study material supplied. Including presentation slides, written notes, case studies, video clips, quizzes and short answer questions and chances to reflect on your knowledge all designed to make the learning experience as interactive as possible
  • The IHS commitment to pastoral care and student support. IHS have a dedicated student support officer employed to help struggling students or those with specific learning difficulties. However we also have procedures in place to ensure all students have access to both staff and peer support whilst studying with IHS
  • Add a new dimension to your existing nutrition practice. Broaden your potential client base to include sports and fitness enthusiasts
  • Ideal for personal trainers and other fitness professionals wanting to ensure the nutrition advice they are giving is scientifically accurate. Ensure the advice you give will help not hinder clients
  • Includes a number of case studies and advice on detailed dietary analysis.  Goes beyond the theory of sports nutrition and gives students practical skills in dietary analysis and meal planning
  • A cost effective way of ensuring your sports nutrition knowledge is cutting edge. Most training based on Functional Sports Nutrition principles is expensive and can involve significant travel. IHS have developed this affordable option to ensure more healthcare professionals get the benefit of this important information

What will I study?

This exciting and innovative certificate includes the study of:

  • Energy metabolism and how this may impact an individual’s nutrition, lifestyle and supplement requirements
  • How macronutrients are metabolised for use as energy in the body, with a focus on differences during strength and endurance training and the role of micronutrients in this process
  • How different types of training/exercise will influence nutritional needs and metabolism of energy and how diet and nutrition will impact energy production and therefore performance
  • The composition of common sports supplement products and the safety considerations associated with these supplements
  • The principles of functional sports nutrition and how this approach best serves an individual interested in improving athletic performance

All theoretical and practical knowledge gained during this course will be applied to a number of case studies and real life cases ensuring graduates leave with an ability to produce a therapeutic food, supplement and lifestyle protocol suitable to a sports enthusiasts exercise requirements.

How is this course structured?

This certificate course runs over 10 weeks with comprehensive home study material supplied.

Entry requirements

The minimum academic entry requirement for this course is a grade C at Junior Certificate or 4 GCSEs grades A to C (preferably including a science subject). Equivalent international qualifications will also be accepted.

A background in sports and fitness coaching or a nutrition qualification at UK level 3 or 4 would be advantageous as is a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology. However anybody with a passion for fitness, food, nutrition and health will be considered.

Prior Learning and Prior Experiential Learning

Applicants with Prior Learning and Experiential Prior Learning will also be considered. All knowledge, skills and competencies accumulated through life and work experience will be considered.

Applicants may be interviewed to determine their suitability for the course

Course fees