Combined Diploma in Nutrition, Lifestyle & Transformational Coaching

Use the ultimate combination of science-based nutrition, health & wellness knowledge and practical skills - alongside cutting edge, powerful Transformational Coaching tools and techniques - to educate, guide and empower clients towards the fulfilled and healthy life they have always aspired to but have struggled to reach.

Starting dates


May 2022

About the course

This 600 hour qualification fuses our two of our most popular Diplomas: Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching & Transformational Coaching.

It delivers a unique and effective blend of science-based nutrition, health and wellness theory and practical skills, along with powerful Transformational Coaching skills designed to guide, educate and empower clients towards a long-term healthier and happier life.

Both courses include live interactive workshops, lectures and discussions, comprehensive written study material, additional reading, multimedia presentations and links, self-guided skills development exercises and activities. The Ofqual regulated Diploma in Transformational Coaching involves compulsory attendance workshops and webinars in order to focus on practical skills development and discussion. The Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching course has study material interspersed with live online lectures, Q&A sessions, webinars and workshops to develop understanding and knowledge base.

This combined diploma course currently in approval process under New Standards for Training and Education with the UK Health Coaches Association.

Why choose the Combined Diploma in Nutrition, Lifestyle & Transformational Coaching?

IHS offers extensive help and support when online learning. We have a network of resources in place to assist you in your learning journey with us.

Turn a passion for health and wellness into an exciting and flexible career in a fast growing sector. With a holistic focus on wellness, backed up in the science and the practical application of nutrition, lifestyle and transformational change, IHS graduates are in the unique position to use their new skills and knowledge in a variety of scenarios – from individual and group coaching, to corporate, education & training, sports or creative environments.

Regular Live Interactive Sessions

Regular online evening webinars, lecture weekends and Q&A sessions offer students the chance to engage with their peers and unit leaders, discuss important topics, ask questions on specific topics, practice skills and engage in group activities

IHS Student Forums

All students have access to course and unit forums throughout their studies to ask questions, share content and interact with their peers and the IHS team

Additional Personal Tutor Support

All Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching students have a personal tutor to help induct them onto the course and offer regular feedback on assessments and progress. They are your first port of call if additional support is required

IHS Practitioner Network

Upon completion of the Combined Diploma, you have access to our exclusive Practitioner Network which includes IHS Transformational Coaches, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaches and Nutritional Therapists located throughout the world, so you’re in good company. The group benefits from monthly live sessions with stakeholders in the health and wellness industry, access to exclusive new courses, webinars & offers, social media tips & tricks and lots more.

“I would also just like to say thank you to IHS for providing such an amazing course over the past year. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, content and the staff were all lovely. I can’t wait to see where it takes me!” – Holly Bennett, Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Graduate

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What will I study?

How is this course structured?

The Combined Diploma is delivered through virtual learning, an integrated and interactive learning experience created specifically to enhance online learning.

The course blends live, interactive webinars, workshops, demos and discussions with comprehensive written study material, additional reading, self-guided skills development, buddy coaching sessions, group conversations and an in-depth client case study.

The Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching (10 months duration) starts every January, May and September. The Diploma in Transformational Coaching (5 months duration) starts every October and March, so there is flexibility on how long it would take to complete and you may complete the courses in the order you wish. If you have the available study time (each course requires approximately 10 hours study per week), they can be overlapped, or you may wish to take a break between the courses.

Entry requirements

This certification is a lifelong learning qualification and students are accepted through a combination of academic qualifications and relevant life experience.

Normal minimum entry requirements

The minimum academic entry requirement for this nutrition course is 1 A-Level grade A to C. Equivalent international qualifications will also be accepted.

For those whose English is not their first language:
  • IELTS score of 6 or above, or
  • Demonstration of another course delivered in English, or
  • Demonstration of everyday use
Prior Learning and Prior Experiential Learning

All knowledge, skills and competencies accumulated through life and work experience will be considered.

All applicants will be interviewed to determine their suitability for this course.

Course fees


Courses purchased separately: £5,290

Purchased together:

Monthly payments: £4,695* (save £595)

1 payment: £4,395* (save £895)

3 payments: £4,595* (save £695)

*special introductory price