Diploma in Transformational Coaching

The IHS Diploma in Transformational Coaching course is specifically designed for those wishing to help transform lives. Our coaches work with a wide range of clients to transform their approach to life by helping shift the limiting beliefs, attitudes and assumptions which are responsible for negative feelings and behaviours.

Starting dates


October 2022

About the course

Transformational Coaching can be used to powerful effect in a wide variety of professional settings, allowing coaches to find their own niche in which to utilise and develop the extensive range of tools and techniques they will learn on this course. It is at the cutting edge of the coaching arena, moving beyond other forms of coaching which are focused on a goal attainment model based on ‘options-strategy-action’.

It is designed to enable self-actualisation, exploring an individual’s core beliefs, values and assumptions in order to gain a deeper understanding of who that person is and what they desire to become.

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What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational Coaching draws together the best proven models, methodologies and techniques from more traditional coaching methods with new findings from the field of neuroscience. It therefore allows for more profound exploration and the facilitation of growth and change at a profound and long-lasting level.


You will learn:

  • The carefully designed IHS Transformational Coaching process and how to utilise our comprehensive coaching toolkit to best effect with a variety of different clients
  • How to support clients to let go of long held and limiting beliefs, attitudes and assumptions to help promote profound, positive and long term mindset and behaviour shifts
  • The most effective coaching and communication skills for promoting long term and transformative change
  • The evolution, key influences, principles and models of Transformational Coaching
  • How neuroscience is clearly demonstrating the physical and psychological benefits of Transformational Coaching
  • The role of Transformational coaching in different personal and professional settings
  • The pivotal role of the coach as an instrument of positive change in their clients
  • How to begin to build your career as a Transformational Coach, establish your strengths and interests, find your niche as a coach and set yourself up to practice

Graduates from this course who also complete the IHS Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching can gain the Combined Diploma in Nutrition, Lifestyle and Transformational Coaching

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Why choose the Diploma in Transformational Coaching?

This course is for you if:

  • You are ready to embark on a journey of profound personal and professional change by getting to know the true you: your purpose, strengths, challenges, core values, beliefs and goals
  • You feel open, excited and courageous enough to embrace life and all it has to offer in order to really THRIVE
  • You feel passionate about helping others do the same
  • You recognise beliefs and behaviours in both yourself and others that are limiting day to day happiness and wellbeing – and are choosing to change
  • You want to train with a team as focused on the possibilities and opportunities in life as you are and in sharing all their years of coaching knowledge and experience with you.

This 5 month (200 hour) practitioner training course perfectly balances evidence-based neuroscience, coaching and behavioural change theory with practical and effective skills development. Our comprehensive virtual learning environment includes live, online lectures, workshops, tutorials and group coaching sessions. In just 5 months you will qualify to facilitate personal and professional growth at a deep and long lasting level.

  • At IHS support is at our core – learners will benefit from over 107 hours of structured live, interactive content alongside comprehensive evidence-based course material. Please note that the live attendance of virtual workshops and weekends are compulsory for certification purposes.
  • You will be guided through the programme by our team of experts including master coaches and NLP practitioners, Positive Psychology experts, business coaches and wellness professionals
  • The comprehensive coaching toolkit you will receive during the course designed to help kick start your career and practice
  • Become part of our growing global Coaching community with private graduate Facebook group to help your new career take off
  • Take advantage of the support and networking opportunities provided after graduation from Facebook groups and newsletters to CPD courses and networking events

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What will I study?

  • The evolution of Transformational Coaching and neuroscience
  • The neurobiology of beliefs and the science of how we think, feel and act
  • Your transformation journey as a coach
  • The IHS Transformational Coaching Framework
  • Co-creating the coaching partnership
  • The science of effective communication and coaching conversations
  • The impact of trauma and stress on transformational change
  • Transforming the client’s story into a life vision and specific goals
  • Co-creating the transformational plan
  • Coaching for confidence, clarity and congruence
  • Embedding long term transformation
  • Coaching for self-care
  • Your career as a Transformational Coach

How is this course structured?

Completed 100% online, and running twice per year from October and March for 5 months, requiring approximately 10 hours study per week. Resources include:

  • Five virtual weekend workshops with coaching clinics
  • 12 x two hour virtual evening workshops
  • Case study assessments, peer coaching hub and support
  • Comprehensive study material, multimedia presentations, additional reading and links, self-guided skills development activities and exercises.

Entry requirements

This certification is a lifelong learning qualification and students are accepted through a combination of academic qualifications and relevant life experience.

Normal minimum entry requirements

The minimum academic entry requirement for this coaching qualification is 1 A-Level grade A to C . Equivalent international qualifications will also be accepted.

For those whose English is not their first language:
  • IELTS score of 6 or above, or
  • Demonstration of another course delivered in English, or
  • Demonstration of everyday use
Prior Learning and Prior Experiential Learning

All knowledge, skills and competencies accumulated through life and work experience will be considered.

All applicants will be interviewed to determine their suitability for this course.

Course fees


5 monthly payments total:


1 Payment:

£1,695* - save £200

*special introductory price