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Tell us what course you are interested in. Choose from Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching, Tranformational Coaching, Nutritional Therapy or Health & Wellness Coaching.

Not sure? – no problem.

Filling in this form does not require you to commit to any course. It’s just the next step towards helping you make the right decision for you. When you’ve completed your form, you will be asked to schedule a call (phone or zoom) with an IHS Course Consultant. We’ll talk through your choice, expectations of the course, required commitment and therefore make sure your chosen course aligns with your goals. If you wish to make a change, your Course Consultant will support you with that.

That’s why we don’t ask for payment until we know you are confident with your choice and enrolled on the course that is best for you. Speaking of payments, we offer a range of plans depending on the course. You could save up to €300 or £300 by paying in lump sum(s) or we have a range of monthly plans available depending on the course. Your Course Consultant will be able to help you with all of these in your scheduled interview.