Graduate Focus – Debbie Devane, The Nutri Coach

Debbie graduated from the IHS Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching in 2017 and is currently in year 3 of the IHS Diploma in Nutritional Therapy

Debbie Devane

I’m a busy mum of 5 children, ranging from 20 all the way down to 6 year old twins! I have worked for myself since I was 21 when I opened my own barber shop, which I loved, but lost my passion for it after having my twins. I have always had an interest in nutrition so when I made the decision to retrain, studying nutrition was the obvious choice. I researched a lot of courses and after going to an open evening in the Institute of Health Sciences I knew it was the course for me.

I knew from the get go I wanted to be a Nutritional Therapist but the structure of the course meant my first year was doing Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching (NLC), this worked out really well because after completing NLC I was able to start working as a nutrition coach while continuing to study. It was after my first year when I was still working in my barber shop that I got chatting to a wonderful GP who also happens to be my family doctor, I told him what I was studying and he told me he was interested in getting a nutritionist into his clinic, so with that myself and my husband decided he would continue to run the barbers and I would concentrate on my new business “The Nutri Coach”.

I started working in the Doctors surgery in October 2017 and I love every minute of it. I am very lucky working alongside a GP who has great faith in what I do and really believes good nutrition and lifestyle can have a huge impact on health.

I see an average of 8 clients a week and have also run some small weight loss groups in various gyms and am getting ready for my first wedding fair at the end of this month!  My clients have all had great results, ranging from weight loss to reducing cholesterol and getting better control of type 2 diabetes. I couldn’t have done this without the knowledge I have learned from the Institute of Health Sciences (IHS). I am now in my final full year of nutritional therapy and have also completed sports nutrition and stress management courses with IHS. I have found getting as much knowledge as possible has helped me grow my confidence, I went to every event/talk that I could and even though in the early days I thought a lot of it was going way over my head, I always took some little snippet of information away with me, even if it didn’t feel like it at the time!

I would say to anyone thinking of a career in nutrition, attend one of the information events and if you do start studying with IHS go to all the events even if you think you’re not ready – you will get something from them, even if it’s just chatting to other students/practitioners. Undertake as many CPD courses that IHS run as these will help build your knowledge and will help when you start your business so you can work in different areas, from nutritional therapy to sports nutrition, weight loss coaching and stress management. For me this was key to running a successful nutrition business as I can see a wider range of clients.

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