Graduate Focus – Hannah Rushton, Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching

Hannah graduated from IHS in 2019 after completing the Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, having her interest in nutrition sparked by her background in health - she worked for over a decade in the charitable health sector supporting stroke survivors and saw first hand the remarkable power that nutrition and lifestyle can have on chronic disease prevention and recovery.

Hannah Rushton

“I set up my business, Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching, to support people to achieve their best health and wellbeing using an approach that is simple to follow, safe and most importantly, empowers clients to achieve the results they dream of. I am particularly interested in helping men and women to achieve their weight loss goals and regain their energy and vitality, especially where other programs and plans may have proved difficult to maintain long term. Longevity and sustainability of results are my core business values – I want my clients to feel happy, healthy and confident for life!

I specialise in plant based nutrition, but clients don’t have to be plant based or vegan to work with me – all my meal plans and recipes are adaptable for your own dietary preferences. I also offer a free Discovery Session to anyone who would like to find out more about working with me, which can be booked via my website and Facebook page.”

You can visit her website and also her Facebook Page and Instagram