Graduate Focus – Isabelle Hartley from Nurture With Nutrition

Isabelle recently graduated with the CI Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching from IHS

Isabelle Hartley

We caught up with Isabelle to have a quick chat about her business, what an average day looks like and how studying with IHS has helped her along the way

Tell us about your company….

Having worked in the fast-paced corporate world for many years and being a mother to three lively daughters, I understand the challenges of not having enough time for everything and where your wellbeing often ends up neglected. Life brings constant pressures and self-care is usually the first thing to go. With this in mind and a genuine passion for helping people, Nurture with Nutrition was established. I work with clients both on an individual basis and in small inclusive groups.  I offer bespoke packages that are client specific, taking into consideration a client’s schedule, lifestyle and desired pace. The client coaching is an important aspect to my business and it gives me so much satisfaction to see what a difference a few weeks can make, let alone a few months. I always tell my clients, it really doesn’t matter where they start, only that they do…

What does your average day look like?

A typical days starts with getting the kids ready and out the door to school. I then bring our two young energetic dogs for a brisk walk. Once home, I either work on my business or in my business, depending on what day it is. My favourite part of the job is the one to one client work. I typically see busy men and women that are low on energy. They often suffer from afternoon slumps, bloating, digestives issues, sugar & stimulant cravings and excess weight. Stress and insufficient sleep is also a very common complaint. The results within a few short weeks can be really amazing…Work over, it’s time to collect my three girls. Homework, dinner, sports and activities, it’s one busy  household but I wouldn’t have it any other way…..

How has studying at IHS helped with setting up the business?

If it hadn’t been for IHS, I would not have set up in business – it’s as simple as that! I wanted to study nutrition to help improve my children’s diets and to learn a little more on the subject. Never for a moment, did I think it would evolve into Nurture with Nutrition. My journey has been an organic one (excuse the pun). It has developed naturally and has taken me quite by surprise…

Why would you recommend IHS to a friend?

I would recommend IHS to anyone that has an interest in Nutrition, Health & Wellness and Functional Medicine. Not only is the course content fascinating, the lecturers inspiring – but it is also a wonderful way to meet likeminded people. I thoroughly enjoyed my studies and have remained in contact with many of my classmates. I may be back to IHS for Nutritional Therapy at some point in the future…..