Graduate Focus – Robyn Spens, Mindull Transformation

Our graduate focus this month turns to London where one of our Nutritional & Lifestyle graduates, Robyn Spens has established her practice Mindfull Transformation. We caught up with her this month to find out more about her practice. 

Robyn Spens, IHS Graduate

I help people overcome the mental health challenges that stop them from living their best life through the lens of functional nutrition, hypnotherapy and practical coaching techniques. I am a qualified functional nutrition practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist which brings together a unique collection of skills to support various groups such as conception, mental health challenges and other lifestyle issues. My training at IHS provided me with a strong foundation of nutritional coaching skills and how to implement that knowledge in practical way.

My typical day starts with reviewing and organising my clients case notes at the start of the day. I see my  first client at  8.30 or 9.00am normally for  a follow up or an initial session On a busy day  I see 6 clients,  the length of time I spend with each client depends on the nature of the session. It may be that I start with hypnotherapy as means of getting to the root causes of a behaviour or habit then we implement the nutritional and lifestyle protocols agreed with the client.

For more information on Robyn’s practice visit