Graduate Focus – Wumi Meduoye, Thrive with Tianna

Wumi graduated with the Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching in 2019

Wumi Meduoye Thrive with Tianna

“My name is Wumi, wife and mum to 3 boys. I have worked in the City in various industries including telecoms, financial services, publishing, public transport, and retail for over 10 years. In 2013 I was diagnosed with “Pericarditis” inflammation of the lining of the heart. My doctor suggested a healthier and more active lifestyle could prevent such issues and subsequently I decided to make drastic changes to the eating and lifestyle habits in my home.

In 2017, after I had my third son and went on maternity, I decided not to go back to my old job and focus on my health and family. It was during this time that I stumbled on IHS over the internet and decided to enrol on the Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle course….Wow can I just say – this has been one of the best decisions of my life.

What really attracted me to IHS was the fact that I did not have to attend lectures daily because of the kids. I was able to study online and go to classes once in 3 months. I also liked the fact that the courses are very comprehensive and well explained, my tutor was the kindest human being ever…even when things got tough for me due to personal reasons and I wanted to give up, the encouragement and support I got from my tutor was tremendous. Thank you.

I learnt so much about food, nutrition and lifestyle which I now apply daily in my home and my health has vastly improved.

I recently launched my practice called thrive_with_Tianna where I help women who want to live a healthy lifestyle to improve their health and wellbeing through sustainable diet and lifestyle changes which can help to increase energy and maintain a healthy weight.

I also just signed up for the CPD stress management course to help my clients in my new practice.

If you are looking for a career in nutrition, I would thoroughly recommend IHS, not only are the reading materials informative and easy to follow, I believe they will advice and guide you throughout the journey.”

You can visit Wumi’s website here or connect with her on Instagram or Facebook