Meet the IHS Team – Moira Browne, Programme Development Manager

It’s time to meet the IHS team again. This month we are delighted to introduce you to Moira Browne, our Programme Development Manager

Q1: What qualifications in the Health and Wellness field do you hold?

I gained a Masters degree in Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin before going on to study Nutritional Therapy at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London. I have also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Third Level Learning & Teaching at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and currently qualified with full Functional Medicine Certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Q2: What is your role at IHS?

Currently I am Nutrition, Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Programme Development Manager at IHS. I am also the course leader and lecturer for Personalised Nutrition & Therapeutics and Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

Q3: What does your role at IHS look like on a day to day basis?

My role is really interesting at IHS and varied – which I love.

Recently I worked with the unit leaders to redevelop content for some of our courses ensuring they met the required accreditations. I oversee the running of the courses within IHS and look after any student queries and questions. I work with the Internal Quality Assurer to ensure all of our courses meet the necessary assessment criteria and ensure standards are maintained across all units.

Q4: How did you get into the health and wellness industry?

After I finished my degree in Trinity I had some personal health issues and it was from here that I discovered the power that nutrition had in supporting our bodies. I read a book by Patrick Holford, The Optimum Nutrition Bible and was compelled to study Nutritional Therapy so I moved to London to complete my diploma. While I was studying, functional medicine was becoming increasingly popular and its principles really appealed to the scientist in me. It was from this point that I went to complete the five day training with AFMCP. Once qualified, I was working with a supplement company called BioCare and moved back to Ireland. Upon my return I found myself working with IHS and have been here since!

Q5: What is your philosophy on, and what do you feel are the most important elements of, health and wellness?

My philosophy has evolved a lot over the past few years. Initially I was of the opinion that nutrition was at the core of health and wellness however I have come to understand that it’s just one piece of a giant puzzle. While it’s an important one, our environment, stress, human connections and relationships are all other really important parts that support our wellbeing.

Q6: Why do you think individuals should consider a career in health and wellness?

It’s a really exciting time to be in this industry. There is a shift in attitudes whereby people are seeking alternative ways of taking control and managing their health. We now have the technology to back up and make credible what we have been practicing; a great example is the power of microbiome. This is an area that is constantly developing with more and more interesting developments to unfold.