Meet the IHS Team – Suzanne Laurie, IHS Director, Unit Leader & Lecturer

Suzanne Laurie is an IHS director and was jointly responsible for establishing IHS over 14 years ago. Passionate about Health & Wellness, Suzanne works across all IHS departments from academia to marketing and everything in between - she is committed to furthering the standards for the training and practice of nutrition and health courses. We had a quick catch up earlier this month, read the full Q&A below.

Suzanne Laurie

Q1: What qualifications in the Health and Wellness field do you hold? 
I have a BSc (Hons) in Nutritional Therapy, a certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching and have completed many CPD courses in Functional Medicine and related fields

Q2: What is your role at IHS? 
I am one of the directors of the college

Q3: What does your role at IHS look like on a day to day basis? 
There is no standard work day for me as it all depends on what is happening at the college, what projects we have on the go, if courses are about to start etc. I like it that way as it keeps me interested and passionate about IHS. I am very hands on with the running of the college and involved with course design and development, marketing, projects etc but I also like to ensure I am involved academically as a unit leader and lecturer. Thats why I pursued a career in education in the first place. However, the IHS team has grown considerably since we began 14 years ago so our students now have access to a whole host of experts in their field. I am very proud of our team.

Q4: How did you get into the health and wellness industry? 
By accident! My pre-university gap year had extended somewhat and I wanted to gain a degree. However I had no clue what to study. I sent off for a number of university prospectuses and found I was drawn to nutrition related courses. Nutritional Therapy was a very new field, with only 1 degree in the UK at the time. I was lucky enough to meet with the course leader and knew straight away that I’d found my field of study. After university I planned to set up my own clinic but was offered a job at a private college in the UK. It was too good an opportunity to pass up even though I wasn’t sure education was for me. 14 years later it looks like I made the right decision 🙂

Q5: What is your philosophy on, and what do you feel are the most important elements of, health and wellness?
My answer to this has evolved over the years from constant reading, studying and working with amazing integrative healthcare practitioners. I used to think that good nutrition was the foundation of health and wellness. However, whilst I still believe it is fundamental to health (after all we are made from what we eat) I now consider true wellness to come from a positive outlook, inner happiness and a strong sense of self. As an individual, believing you can thrive and (most importantly) that you’re important enough to make the effort to keep healthy and well is incredibly powerful and supports making healthy lifestyle choices.
I am also a BIG believer in balance. Wellness should not be about loss and deprivation. A healthy life should be a fun, vibrant, colourful and well-lived life.

Q6: Why do you think individuals should consider a career in health and wellness?
There has never been a better time to be in the health and wellness industry. There is a solid bank of evidence that most chronic diseases are lifestyle driven, and more and more individuals wanting to take control of their health and wellness. This requires education and support, both of which IHS graduates are well equipped to offer. This is the kind of industry where you create your own career from wherever you want to practice. Thanks to technology, your client base is now global, you can work with people 1 on 1 or speak to the masses. There really are so many opportunities if you are willing to work hard, try new things and think big! I love hearing what our coaches and Nutritional Therapists are up to and am constantly impressed by the careers they carve out and the ideas they have. It’s what I love most about my job.