One to Read – The Disease Delusion by Dr. Jeffrey Bland

For decades, Dr. Jeffrey Bland has been at the cutting edge of Functional Medicine, which seeks to pinpoint and prevent the cause of illness, rather than treat its symptoms.

The Disease Delusion

In The Disease Delusion, he opens up the world of Functional Medicine to the lay person by clearly explaining the Functional Medicine approach and what it can do for individuals wanting to improve their health and reduce risk of chronic disease. He outlines clearly the reasons why chronic disease epidemics are on the increase and offers achievable, science-based solutions that can alleviate these common conditions and offers a roadmap for a lifetime of wellness.

The book includes lots of technical information, and more science than other similar books but it is presented in a very  accessible, easy to read way. For us, knowledge is power so offering more information to help individual’s make more informed nutrition and lifestyle choices is no bad thing! It will probably provide a whole new perspective for many people on their health and the power they have to reduce their risk of suffering from serious disease.