Top Tips for Hayfever

Everyone loves the Summer but if you happen to suffer from hayfever it can be a really difficult time. We have some top tips from IHS team member, nutritional therapist & lifestyle coach Sheila Downes on management and prevention.


Looking after your gut health and immune health is key. Sheila is a big fan of medicinal mushrooms and recommends talking to your local health shop for specific supplements to help your immune system respond appropriately

  • Good local raw honey works a treat – enjoy in your breakfast or just take off a spoon
  • Include lots of anti-inflammatory foods in your diet; garlic, lemons, herbs, probiotic foods like live yogurts, kombucha, and omega 3 rich foods such as oily fish, nuts & seeds (try adding flaxseeds in children’s cereals in the morning if they’re not good with fish)
  • Avoid foods that can cause inflammation such as sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed foods.
  • Pay attention and recognise what triggers your allergy symptoms. When you have had an acute attack, take note of where you have been and the foods you have eaten
  • Neti Pots can rinse pollen from your nasal cavities and can help treat symptoms
  • Vaseline or similar around the nose can help when outdoors and can trap pollen along with wide brimmed hats and wraparound sunglasses
  • Last but not least, get plenty of sleep and manage your stress levels to help strengthen your immune system and make you more resilient