What are IHS Graduates doing now?

Ciara Wright


Nutritional Therapy Graduate

PhD Ciara specialises in fertility and women’s health issues. She is a Director at Glenville Clinics Ireland, working closely with the world renowned Dr Marilyn Glenville. Find out more at www.glenvillenutrition.ie.

Carla Jones

Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coaching graduate

Carla has developed an incredibly successfull, international, online wellness coaching business, offering one to one sessions and working with many corporate clients.. Find out more at www.carlamjones.com

BJ Broderick

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching graduate

Healthy ice lolly anyone? BJ has co-founded ‘Wellnice Pops’, all natural vegetable and fruit based ice pops. Not only delicious but now available in major stockists in Ireland. Watch out world! Info at www.wellnicepops.ie

Louise Coghlan, Lulu’s Healthy Kitchen

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Graduate

UK based Louise has developed an impressive social media following sharing whole food recipes and lifestyle tips for people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. Check out her beautiful and simple meal ideas on Facebook at LulusHealthyKitchen or on instagram @lulus_healthy_kitchen

Maev Gallagher: Rawsome Goodies

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Graduate

Maev is the owner of Rawsome Goodies, an artisan producer of Naturally Sweet Treats free from Refined sugar, Gluten & Dairy. Maev supplies local cafes and shops in Northern Ireland and is constantly devising new recipes. We look forward to her expanding her range and to her gorgeous treats being stocked further afield. Go to Rawsome Goodies on Facebook to find out more – expect to come away hungry though!

Niamh O’Connell

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Graduate

Niamh is the founder of the Wellness Clinic, which provides 1:1 consultations, regular group workshops and corporate wellness programmes. It is the home of UrbanMama: A 6 part programme focused on improving women’s health, self image and goal attainment.. Find out more at www.thewellnessclinic.ie

Ola el Garawany & Sally el Banna: Lilly’s Pharmacy and Health Store

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Graduates

Ola and Sally are a mum and daughter team running Lilly’s Pharmacy and Health Store in county Meath, Ireland. They are both pharmacists with a huge interest in integrative health. This led to them studying Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching at IHS and developing Lilly’s into a one stop shop for everything integrative health from pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals and natural beauty products. They are also very active on social media @LillysPharmacy and @PharmacyFarmacy

Rosa Jackson: Les Petit Farcis

Rosa added the IHS certificate in Dietary Coaching (now the Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching) to an already established career in food writing and cookery. She has managed to create her dream career offering hands-on cooking classes, street food tours, wine and cheese tastings and pastry classes in beautiful Nice. Rosa has published 3 cookbooks in French and lives between Paris and Nice, demonstrating that IHS qualifications really do allow you to ‘work anywhere’

Suzanne Leyden

Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coaching graduate

Suzanne works with individuals and groups, either private or corporate, focussing on helping them achieve their specific wellness goals. Clients can choose individual coaching tailored to their goals, or they can follow one of the structured programmes. More at www.suzanneleyden.com

Svetlana Sarantseva: The Dietary Coach

Svetlana is one of our first Dietary Coaching (now our Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching) graduates. She founded and runs Dietary Coach Pte Ltd, Singapore’s leading weight loss coaching provider, offering customised nutrition and lifestyle programmes for people who travel a lost and eat frequently in restaurants and airports. Focusing on this niche market, Svetlana has worked with hundreds of busy executives in the last few years. For more information and inspiration go to www.dietarycoach.com

Yvonne Whitley

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Graduate

Yvonne took the health food world by storm with her amazing high protein treats and has now opened Nourished, a health food Cafe in Energie Fitness gym in Cork, Ireland

Azzaya Bodikhuu

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Graduate

Since graduating, Azzaya has founded www.zayanutrition.ie which aims to support mothers who want to improve their family’s health & wellbeing. She has developed a supportive community-based program focused on increasing her clients’ practical knowledge and coaching them into action and is also expanding her services to her native Mongolia.

Marciéli da Silva

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Graduate

Since graduating, California based Marciéli has begun specialising in Pregnancy and Gluten Free Nutrition. She has developed Health it Up and Zero Gluten plans for her clients. www.marcielidasilva.com